City based resources

The City Council of Barcelona provides all persons and institutions the resources to develop exchange initiatives and collaborative purchase platforms. If you are interested in developing initiatives of this kind, you can access the city’s own equipment, counseling services and economical resources.

To everything related to time banks, the City Council of Barcelona provides a technical unit that offers educational and legal advice to their associated time banks.

Following, you will find information concerning available resources.


Selection of resources

Collection of papers and resources presented at the conference organized by the Barcelona Provincial Council. Opens with a presentation on the solidarity economy, its evolution and components; continues with an issue dedicated to configuration of local public policies in this area and closes with conclusions, recommendations and relevant experiences block. Language: Catalan

The publication gathers information of all the nets of exchange, agroecològic cooperatives of consumption and other experiences of collaborative economie of the city.

The association offers training to create or invigorate a Bank Time to community or school level; They has the support of local and national institutions.

The City Council provides grants to entities or individuals that carry out activities or projects of public or social interest to the municipality of Barcelona through annual call for proposals. You will find the forms and bases of each issue on this link.

More than 50 community centers around the city, rent or give in spaces for gatherings and activities organized by associations.

With the aim to unite and stimulate the community life in neighborhoods, Barcelona has 23 facilities managed by associations. These spaces are open to hosting activities related to time banks.

Municipal service partnerships development of the city. Provides services and resources that meet their needs. They work for the promotion, enhancement and strengthening of associations and to expand its impact on citizens.