Time to Share

The value of time is one of the elements of change in society today, both for those who have little as for those who have their spare time, time takes on the role of exchange currency.

From the Time and Economy of Care Program we want to open a space that gives visibility to the initiatives promoted from the city of Barcelona that put in value the time of citizens. Time banks, knowledge sharing networks, exchange markets and other collaborative consumer initiatives are complemented by P2P networks that work on the Internet to optimize the management of time and resources of citizens.

In this section of our website we gather information on civic initiatives arising from the neighborhood movement that have in their base values ​​such as solidarity, reciprocity or cooperation and contribute to the transformation of society in fields such as time management and reinforcement of The links between people.

You will also find some municipal resources that can contribute to enhance and extend these civic initiatives in our city.

The City Council, through theProgram of Time and Caring Economy and the districts of the city, driving the Time Bank project in cooperation with the community network of neighborhoods and Health and Family Association.

Intercanvi de béns

We exchange of goods networks and exchange markets are initiatives to promote responsible consumption, which drive a new philosophy of life based on ecological and environmental criteria, promoting the reuse of useful objects and in a good state.

Compartir coneixements

The Xic's [knowledge sharing network] are based on sharing and exchanging learning between equals. They want to open the range of informal learning opportunities through reciprocity, in an economically affordable way. They are a community-generation instrument, and work at presencial or digital level.

Xarxes econòmiques

In a hyper connected world, various alternative sources of fundraising are fast emerging, from investment communities to crowdfunding networks that enable the launching of cultural projects. It is also important the impulse that different ecocurrencies are taking place with the support of local patronage.

Informació i eines

Listing of free software for the creation and expediting of collaborative networks, of sociological reports, and of the legal recommendations necessary for the running of different types of networks.

Recursos municipals

In this section, you will find some resources that the City Council of Barcelona is offering to all those persons and institutions that are interested to organize some kind of exchange network in the city.