Time for families caring for children with disabilities

Aware of the many difficulties involved in caring for people with disabilities, and based on the willingness to implement policies to support families, the objective of this project is to offer personal time to the families who care for those children and Girls who have some type of physical and / or intellectual disability, while offering a fun and socializing time for all of them, improving both the quality of life of the children and their families.

The Time and Care Economics Program and the Municipal Institute of People with Disabilities began this proposal in 2011 at Concha Espina School in the District of San Martín, offering on Saturday morning a meeting space and energized activities By a specialized entity. At the moment the service is present in all districts of the city.

Depending on the socio-economic situation of the family, service users may enjoy a 50% reduction or exemption from payment.

Currently the program is managed by the Municipal Institute of People with Disabilities in collaboration with the Districts of the city.

You will find more information on the Institute website