Time for youth and adults with disabilities

Following the line of the project Neighbourhood time, time for yourself, whose main objective is to offer personal time for those who have someone in charge, in this case the service is for families with young adults with disabilities and while offering the possibility that these young adults learn to manage their own time and to guarantee their right to free time and leisure

It is important that young people and adults with disabilities can choose and make decisions in organizational and functional aspects, because despite their age, in many cases they are others, who continue to decide for them in many areas.

With this objective in the summer of 2012 a pilot experience was realized in Horta-Guinardó, consisting of the participation in leisure activities, taking advantage of the city's offer. The activities were proposed by the participants themselves, they were quite varied and always in the afternoon. This experience had a very positive evaluation by the families and also of the participants themselves. Since then and until now the experience has been extended to different districts with two different modalities:

· During the biweekly Saturdays in the afternoon during the school year.
· During the Christmas and Summer holidays.

Registration for the activity is free, but participants will pay for those activities that have an associated cost and transportation.

This modality is managed, since January 2017, by the Municipal Institute of People with Disabilities, in collaboration with the districts.