Network of companies

Innovative companies that have taken measures in managing work time and conciliating

NUST Network-New Social Uses of Time is a new venture, started by the city of Barcelona in 2006, that gathers more than seventy companies that have pledged to encourage a better management of time, and help conciliate work, family, and personal schedules, encouraging increased levels of productivity and a climate of confidence that benefits both the companies and their employees, contributing, that way, to improve the overall quality of life of the city's citizens.

Their aim is:

  • To identify and promote the efforts of those companies that are committed to help balance time schedules within their organization.
  • To exchange and spread, among companies, knowledge and experiences on the subject of managing time and conciliating employee's schedules, virtually and in-person.
  • To network with other public, private and non-profit sector organizations at the local and international level in order to generate synergies and move forward together.

The network consists of more than 100 companies and organizations (of small, medium and large size) active in different sectors of the economy.

Some of the activities promoted by NUST include: a congress for the exchange of experiences, the circulation of up-to-date news, interviews and resources all relevant to the management of working time and their conciliation with personal and family schedules.

Conference, workshops and meetings to sharp knowledge and experiences among the companies.

Language: Spanish

Created with the aim of having more involvement and commitment in the Network and offering more responses to the expectations and needs of the companies.

Time management measures applicable to companies

Relevant resources in the area of time management and conciliation at local and international level.

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Companies committed to the organization of time, contributing to the city of Barcelona seeking people quality of life.

A sample of the laws, treaties and regulations. On the level European, national and regional, that guarantee policies related to the conciliation. 

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Opinion of the companies promoted on reconciliation measures and other practices that would like to implement in your business.

More than 100 companies and organizations that form the network presenting the good practices implemented in their workplaces.

Promotes companies with recognized experience in the field of time organization to contribute their knowledge and support to companies that want to learn and advance in this field.