Economy based networks

At present, many initiatives, offering trustful ways to explore new lines of credit to people, communities and companies, are emerging. 

These activities can go from networks of crowdfunding that have made possible to launch workshops or allow the production of movies, to the networks of exchange for business that offer the possibility of trading services, preserving, that way, funds and avoiding having to access financial products.

In this section, you will also find information about self-financed communities, and groups of people that offer microcredits to their associates to run new startups.




Net of exchange of goods and services among companies in order to improve their treasury.

This web site gathers information of social currencies from all over Catalonia and Spain. The associations make an annual meeting to pool ideas and operating strategies.

The portal that gathers information of community currencies from all over Europe.

Application for funding creative projects with the sum of individual contributions. Is the first crowdfunding network in Catalonia.

Community investment system based on the creation of a common cash used to finance projects of its members. These development banks are based on the knowledge and confidence among its members. They are starting to work in the Barcelona area.