10th Edition of the Prize, year 2021

The Barcelona Award for innovative companies in the organisation and use of time was presented on 3 May at an event designed to recognise the efforts of companies that facilitate greater flexibility in time and work space.

As every year since 2012, the award aims to contribute to the visibility of innovation efforts in this area.
The jury, made up of experts and representatives from the city's economic, business, trade, trade union and academic spheres, recognised companies that are implementing innovative measures such as the guarantee of the right to digital disconnection or the four-day working week.
In this tenth edition, 16 nominations were submitted in four categories. The winners were:

  • Advantage Consultores S.L. (company with less than 10 employees): for taking a courageous and innovative step in improving working time by implementing the four-day working week without lowering workers' salaries.
  • INGECAL, Ingeniería de la Calidad y Medio Ambiente S.L. (company with more than 10 and up to 50 employees): to implement a wide range of measures for the organisation and use of time and especially for the implementation of the digital disconnection protocol.
  • SOM Fundació Privada Catalana Tutelar (company with more than 50 and up to 250 employees): for the scope and diversity of the measures for self-managed flexibility of the working day and especially for the effort to extend them to all employees in the organisation, including those who occupy positions that require presence and proximity.
  • Webhelp Spain Business Process Outsourcing S.L. (a company with more than 250 employees): for the scope of the measures and for the creativity in finding solutions to respond to the circumstances of the people who form part of the organisation, such as the Social Kinship measure that facilitates the creation of support and care networks beyond the family environment.

All the award-winning companies agreed that flexibility is increasingly important for all people and especially for younger people and has become an essential requirement in attracting and retaining the talent that companies need.
The positive impact of these measures on people's well-being, company results and society as a whole was also underlined.

The 10th edition of the award coincides with the declaration of Barcelona as the World Capital for Time Use Policies.

The awards ceremony was held as part of the conference "Hybrid Team Leadership Conference: doing business with people working in different environments and times".
In the wake of the pandemic, a significant number of companies have implemented different versions of what we call the hybrid model, where people come to the office only some days of the week. Managing teams that do not coincide in space and time introduces a new layer of complexity into the existing dynamics of any team and poses new challenges for leadership.
Sílvia Cóppulo, director of the Observatorio del Liderazgo en la Empresa and professor at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, opened the discussion on the leadership skills needed in this new scene. She then led a round table discussion, with the participation of Anna Vilar, Head of Labour Relations at Henkel Ibérica; Óscar Bermejo, Business Development at Softmachine; and Ana Mayor, Operations Director at Kim Global.
All of them highlighted that this greater autonomy over when, where and how work is done is a key dimension of the new work culture and shared recommendations on strategies, technologies or practices to strengthen cohesion, the capacity for collaboration and the involvement of teams in this scene.
After presenting the awards, Raquel Gil, Commissioner for Employment Promotion and Policies against Precariousness of Barcelona City Council, closed the event by highlighting the ten years of the Award and recalling the importance of identifying benchmarks to motivate change.

The Pact of Time and the NUST Business Network

The Award is part of the The Pact of Time, a strategy promoted by Barcelona City Council, which seeks the commitment of the city council and the city's social and economic organisations to act together to achieve a healthier, more egalitarian and efficient social organisation of time.
The Pact of Time promotes actions aimed at raising awareness of the fact that time is a key factor in people's health and well-being and at adopting more efficient and sustainable time management models.
The NUST Network (New Social Uses of Time) also plays a leading role in promoting these awards and in raising awareness. It brings together more than 130 organisations from different fields, sectors and sizes, which share the same purpose: to promote a work culture and a working time management that involves a better balance between the needs of the people who are part of it and the requirements and needs of the organisation.
All of them put into practice innovative measures for flexible working hours, co-responsibility or remote work, and they all agree in highlighting the results that these actions generate.
Some of the benefits produced are an increase in employee and customer satisfaction, an increase in productivity, talent retention, an improvement in the working environment and a reduction in turnover, absenteeism and stress levels.