1st edition of the award 2012

The Department of Family, Childhood, Time Use and Disabilities created this award to recognize, promote and publicize the work of those companies committed to improving time management towards the achievement of work/life balance.

Eleven companies applied for the first edition of the award in one of its two categories: companies with less or more than 50 workers. Was also awarded a special mention to the best practice implemented by a company of the Network NUST.

The design of the award was selected from proposals submitted by first-year students of the Industrial Modelling course of Escola Massana. The production of the award was entrusted to collaborators by the ECOM Foundation.

Over the ceremony Mr. Victor Küppers, Professor of the University of Barcelona and Küppers & co partner, gave the lecture "The management of the enthusiasm" about the influence of the personal attitude in work and business.

The awardees were:
Modality Companies with less than 50 workers: awarded to the family business Casamitjana for conciliation practices in a general context of Corporate Social Responsibility and their implementation.

The jury considered especially meritorious this strategic approach of conciliation within such as difficult sector as retailing. They valued the approach of Casamitjana company to prioritize conciliation as a health issue.

Finally, they highlighted the implementation of a psychosocial tab improving knowledge of the needs of each worker and thus applying conciliation measures adapted to each employee. The award was collected by Carme Marcet, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, who gave the audience a few words of gratitude.

Modality Companies with over 50 workers: Abacus Cooperative awarded for incorporating a gender perspective in responding to the needs of their workers, bearing in account their life situations.

In choosing this company as the winner of the award, the jury highlighted the importance of having incorporated a gender perspective to meet the needs of their workers, while taking into account their life situations.

In addition, they stressed the efforts and adaptation of conciliation measures in the field of customer service and the conciliation improvements undertaken by the Abacus , over current regulations.

Special mention to one of the companies of Red NUST, was granted to the Foundation for the Open University of Catalunya. Their approach to telework, first and foremost, as a measure to attend people's needs was also considered especially meritorious.