2nd edition of the Prize, year 2013

The Department of Family, Children, Time Use and Disability has granted the second edition of the award, with which want to recognize, promote and disseminate the work of those companies committed to improving time management, promoting the conciliation of working, family and personal life.

In this issue there have been 15 applications from companies that opted into one of the two forms of the award, companies with less and more than 50 people on staff. It also provides a reference to the best measure implemented by one of the companies of the Red NUST.

The design award was selected from proposals submitted by first year students on Industrial models of Massana School in 2013 and its production has been entrusted to associates of the ECOM Foundation.

The axis of the act, was the discussion How to make reconciliation is real?, By Lluís Bahamonde, VP PIMEC Barcelona, ​​and Anna Mercadé, Director of the Centre Women, Business and Economy, the Commerce Chamber of Barcelona. One hundred business representatives participated in the ceremony held on 20 February at the Saló de Cent of the Barcelona City Council, and which also opened the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the Year of the Family.

Modality Companies with less than 50 workers: the prize was granted to Criteria Recursos Humanos SL by the fact to promote time measures integrated in company policy form, developing good practices such as telecommuting and time flexibility, promoting the monitoring and evaluation of these.

The jury appreciated especially the actions and negotiated agreements as the Equality Plan, the Protocol for prevention and action against sexual harassment and gender, with measures to bring improvements to what establishes the regulations.

Modality Companies with over 50 workers: Gaes the enterprise has been honored by the commitment to streamlining the working time establishing measures like closing cabinets on Saturdays, time flexibility and telecommuting to corporate services.

It has been considered especially meritorious this treatment strategy of conciliation in an industry with specific difficulties, such as commerce. Was also assessed the emphasis on monitoring, participation and dissemination of these measures. The company has considered that it would give greater impetus to the development of the male / female responsibility as a key of the reconciliation policy of the company.

The special mention of one of the companies of the Red NUST, was granted SGS Tecnos, for having designed a policy of conciliation and time based on a participatory process which allows male and female workers to design measures implemented later. Further emphasizing to understand conciliation as the option of responding to the needs of both men and women, that is, incorporating a gender perspective.