3rd edition of the Prize, year 2014

The Department of Family, Children, Time Use and Disabilities awarded the third edition of Prize Barcelona to the Innovative Company in Conciliation and Time, which want to recognize, promote and publicize the work of companies committed to improving time management favoring the balance between work, family and personal life

In this 3rd edition, 16 candidates opted for one of the three award categories: companies with fewer than 10 employees, 10 to 50 employees and more than 50 people on staff. It also gave a special mention to the best measure implemented by a company of the NUST network and a special diploma.

The design of the award was selected from proposals submitted by the first year students of Industrial Models of Massana School and its production was commissioned to associates of the ECOM Foundation.

The event took place on February 23rd at the Saló de Cent of Barcelona City Council, and was attended by Professor Christian Felber, who gave a lecture on "The Economics of common good: balancing personal, work, family and community time". The event was attended by a hundred people, mainly business representatives.

Award to company with less than 10 workers: Vortex was awarded, to promote reconciliation measures and use of time as a value and as part of the company philosophy.
In this case, the jury applauded the existence of a responsible of Happiness, figure created to hear complaints and concerns of workers.

Award to company between 10 and 50 workers: Vertisub was awarded, to promote equality through reconciliation measures and uses of time in a traditionally male-dominated sector, establishing measures such as flexible working arrangements and leaves to care dependent people.
The jury considered very positive valuation of diversity, which allows foreign workers to accumulate overtime to enjoy in their home countries.

Award to company with more than 50 workers: Metropolis Centre Especial de Treball was awarded, as a company of the Third Sector that implements measures to improve the current legislation on dependent care charge, with the possibility of extending the reduced hours until the children reach 15 years.

The Special mention to one of the companies of NUST network was for Unipresalud, for proposing improvements in organization of time by a single measure: the establishment of intensive and flexible working hours for all workers (over 700) to full-time, thus contributing to a change in attitude towards work and the use of time.

Finally a special diploma was granted to isardSAT, in recognition of the internalization of reconciliation measures and uses of time with the establishment of a participatory process to identify and assess the needs of the company in the field of reconciliation.