4th edition of the Prize, year 2015

Barcelona City Council delivered the fourth edition of Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Management of Time and Reconciliation, with which it wants to recognize, promote and publicize the work of those companies and organizations committed to improving time management, promoting the reconciliation of work, family and personal life.

In this 4 th Edition of the Prize, 29 companies were presented, and they applied for one of the three modes of the Award: companies with fewer than 10 workers, companies between 10 and 50 workers, and companies with more than 50 workers. It also was granted a mention for the best measure implemented by one of the NUST Network companies.

The design of the award was selected from proposals submitted by students of Industrial Models of the Escola Massana and its production is commissioned to entities collaborating with ECOM Foundation.

The event took place on February 24th, 2016 in the Saló de Cent of Barcelona City Council, and was assisted by the moderator Sara Berbel, who led the dialogue "Innovation in business to improve people's time" with GAES and SGS Tecnos' companies, winners of previous editions. The event was attended by a hundred people.

Award to company with less than 10 workers: it was awarded to La Ciutat Invisible, for implementing a paternity leave extended to 8 calendar weeks (beyond the 15 days set) and for affording it with the funds of the cooperative in order to facilitate the link parent-child.
I this case, the Jury assessed very positively the promotion of the co-responsibility, with the facilitation of a major implication and participation of man in the paper of providers of care.

Award to company between 10 and 50 workers: Softmachine was the company awarded, for having a comprehensive program of work-life balance that includes several measures such as flexitime custom bag, self-managed time flexibility, additional days of compensation, time off bags, telecommuting, personalized vacation planning and reduced working hours in the summer.
The Jury considered very positive this holistic view of reconciliation, which helps the company to keep talent and to increase personal productivity.

Award to company with more than 50 workers: it was granted to Fundació Joia, for promoting a kind of measures aimed to a better time management and the reconciliation between family, work and personal life.
The jury particularly valued the promotion of these measures in the field of mental health integration. The adoption of a European schedule from 8 to 13 and from 14 to 17 hours was also stressed, in line with the proposals of the Time Reform.

Finally, special mention for one of the companies of the NUST Network was granted to Henkel, for promoting the practical and simple guide "Someone else in the family" for men and women that work in the company and that will have a baby. The trajectory of the company in promoting equality and co-responsibility is particularly appreciated, with measures such as the extension of paternity leave.