8th Edition of the Prize, year 2019

Virtual delivery of the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Conciliation and Time 2019

On Tuesday, September 29, the Conference The Future of Working Time will be held, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The Conference will have an inaugural conference, a dialogue on co-responsible conciliation and the presentation of the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Conciliation and Time 2019. Registration is now open.

The Annual Conference had to be postponed due to the confinement situation caused by the Covid-19. However, this same situation of confinement has highlighted the importance of using time and rethinking its organization; That is why this year Barcelona City Council has chosen to hold the Annual Conference in virtual format.

The day will end with the presentation of the awards of this 8th edition of the prize. Five prizes will be awarded in five categories: special mention to a company in the NUST Network (New Social Uses of Time), micro company, small company, medium company and large company. Álvaro Porro, Commissioner for Social Economy, Local Development and Food Policy of Barcelona City Council, will take part in the award ceremony; Sara Berbel, Municipal Manager of Barcelona City Council; and five members of the jury representing PIMEC, Associació 50a50, ADEIPE Catalunya, CC.OO and Iniciativa per la Reforma Horaria.

In addition, the Conference, moderated by journalist Marta Cáceres, will feature an inaugural lecture by Oscar Vargas, Eurofound researcher on the organization of working time in the digital age and a space for dialogue on conciliation co-responsible for companies, with the participation of Paco Abril, researcher of the European project “Men in care. Workplace support for caring masculinities ”, and three companies belonging to the NUST Network (New Social Uses of Time) that promote co-responsibility: RACC, Union of Mutual Societies and Penguin Random House.

For more information about the Conference you can consult the program and register by following the related links.