Barcelona hosts the 43rd edition of the Annual Congress of IATUR International Association for Time Use Research

The 41st edition held in Washington approved the candidacy of Barcelona for the celebration of the 43rd edition of the IATUR Annual Congress in 2021, from 27 to 29 October 2019.

The Annual Conference of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR) is the most important international time organization conference in the world and one of the most renowned international meetings to exchange ideas, good practices and the latest news in research on the use of time. The IATUR facilitates the exchange of ideas, methodology and techniques for data collection between researchers and compilers of official statistics on patterns of daily activity and changes in people’s behavior over time.

The 42nd IATUR Conference was scheduled to take place in Tokyo in November 2020. After a long deliberation, the organizing committee has decided to cancel the 42nd IATUR Conference for this year and contemplates the possibility of moving the event to 2022.

In 2019, during the 41st edition that took place in Washington at the American University in Washington DC, people representing Barcelona City Council, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Time Use Week for a Healthy Society presented the candidacy of Barcelona for the celebration of the 43rd edition of the congress for the year 2021.

The aim of the 43rd IATUR Congress in Barcelona is to promote the confluence of research, investigation and public policies on the use of time and its impact on society. It will be held in the framework of the International Schedule Week that will take place in Barcelona during the month of October 2021. It will include the combination of presentations of research work, public policies and the sample of initiatives that connect research with organizations, public policy and society.

In this context, this June the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Provincial Council have signed a collaboration agreement to promote time use policies at the local level. and international. The pact will have as a co-organizing entity the "Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society", an international initiative that follows the legacy of the Hourly Reform and wants to be an international player of reference in the next three years for the promotion of welfare policies related to the use of time.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the first deputy mayor Jaume Collboni; the Minister of the Presidency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Meritxell Budó; the deputy president of the Social Cohesion, Citizenship and Welfare Area of ​​the Barcelona Provincial Council, Lluïsa Moret; and the co-coordinators of the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society, Marta Junqué and Ariadna Güell.

The agreement also includes the agreement for the organization of the International Time Use Week 2020 and 2021. The event is expected to involve more than 300 researchers, political figures, activists and organizations working on the use of time. 'around the world. There will also be a series of activities prior to the congress. These actions include the recent launch of a campaign for an organization of time that respects the biological clock, which allows you to share quality time and enjoy the little things. It will also include Schedule Week in November 2020, among others.