Call for the 10th edition of the Award, 2021

The Barcelona City Council announces the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Organization and Time Use and admits candidacies between November 17 and December 16, 2021..

The pandemic has implied a disruption without precedents in organization and worktime around the world. It is in this context that the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Organization and Time Use gets a renewed actuality. Such renewed actuality coincides in time with the 10th edition of the award, that wants to keep acknowledging, promoting and spreading the work of the committed companies to improve the time management. A commitment to achieve a better work, familiar and personal life balance.

The objective of the Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Organization and Time Use is to contribute to the knowledge and to highlight the efforts of those companies and organization that have innovative programs or measures in people management. After the pandemic it is more necessary than ever to acknowledge and spread the innovation in this sense.

The award is part of the Pact of Time (spanish language), a city agreement promoted by the Barcelona City Council that seeks the municipal commitment and the city's social and economic organizations, in order to act jointly and achieve a social organization of time that gives an effective response to the needs and interests of the city's people and companies in the economic, social, cultural, scientific or educational fields. The Pact promotes measures aimed at the education and sensibilization of new models of time management that are more sustainable and efficient and foster workers, companies and the city in a whole.

The measures of the companies awarded and presented in the previous edition not only showed that tend to the generalization of tele-working, but also gender co-responsibility, work-life balance, telework and organizational change, the right to digital disconnection, compaction of working hours, lengthening of maternity and paternity leaves, reduction of working time with equal pay, healthy schedules, diversity management, etc. You can view the videos of the 2020 award-winning initiatives.

Companies are eligible for the Award in one of the following categories:

• MICRO, Companies with less than 10 workers.

• SMALL, Companies from 10 workers and up to 50.

• MEDIUM, Companies with more than 50 workers and up to 250.

• LARGE, Companies with more than 250 workers.

The composition of the members of the jury is formed by experts and representatives of the relevant economic, business, commerce, unions and academic fields of the city. It has representatives from Barcelona Activa, the Municipal Management of the Barcelona City Council, Foment de Treball, la Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona - Observatori Dona, Empresa i Economia, Associació 50 X 50, PIMEC, ADEIPE, Taula del 3r Sector, Confederació de Cooperatives de Catalunya (C.C.C.), UGT, CCOO, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Consell de Dones de Barcelona and the Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society.

The jury will assess the proposals submitted for their commitment to balance in the use of time within their organization and their contribution to innovate, advance and raise awareness for a society with a healthier, more egalitarian and efficient time management. If possible, a special mention will be awarded to a company from the NUST Network (New Social Uses of Time).

The period for admission of proposals is from November 17 and December 16, 2021. To apply, it is necessary to fill in the form with the corresponding data (all fields are mandatory), download it and sign it digitally. To formalize the presentation of the candidacy, it must be done through the Portal de tràmits, where it is necessary to have a digital certificate.

For more details, see the attached links.