‘Barcelona never stops’, a guide with all the services to reactivate the economy

‘Barcelona never stops. A practical guide to services’ has been published in response to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. The publication contains 55 measures by the City Council relating to subsidies and initiatives to support the city’s economic, entrepreneurial and business network.

The guide Barcelona never stops is designed to offer people straightforward information on the range of services available to them, from training to advice, starting a business, applying for subsidies and financial support, as well as how to obtain certificates and information on the new regulations in place.

The guide is aimed at businesspeople and entrepreneurs, as well as jobseekers who want advice on labour matters or who need personalised support for a specific situation.

Over 24,000 copies of the guide will be distributed around markets and shops in all districts, particularly in shopping hubs. There is also a digital version to view online or download.

The guide is part of the ‘Barcelona never stops’ project, setting out economic recovery measures by the City Council aimed at regenerating the social and economic ecosystem and boosting the city’s economy.