Barcelona Time Pact Annual Conference 2021

On 2 June 2021, the Barcelona Time Pact held its annual conference, attended by members of the group behind the initiative, as well as representatives from the organizations adhered to the pact and time use policymakers from the Barcelona City Council. Addressing the conference were Sara Berbel, City Executive Manager, and representatives from various organizations, who presented the projects currently being rolled out.

The annual Barcelona Time Pact Conference took place virtually on 2 June 2021. Laura Pérez, Deputy Mayor of Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism and LGTBI,  welcomed the attendees, thanking everyone for coming and reminding them just how important and necessary the Time Pact is for the city and reiterating the City Council’s commitment to developing public policies aimed at achieving a society that is healthier and more egalitarian and efficient.

Sara Berbel, Chief Executive of Barcelona City Council, looked back at the city’s commitment to time policies over the years, dating back to 2002, and reminded those present that the city was the first, in 2004, in Spain to establish a time use department. The initiative received a renewed boost in 2013 with the creation of the Barcelona Award, followed by the creation of the Barcelona Time Pact in 2014. Berbel explained how the pandemic has led to a shift in the city’s model of social and municipal organization as a result of the need for people to telework, and how this experience, together with the regulation approving remote working, now gives us a chance for self-reflection and to ensure that teleworking is properly regulated.

Óscar Bermejo, Business Development Manager at Softmachine, representing the NUST Network, explained the mentoring programme launched by the Network to establish new ways of organizing time. Albert Recio, from the Barcelona Federation of Residents’ Associations, presented the results of the study that the federation has carried out on “Management and uses of time at Barcelona’s Residents’ Associations”. Lastly, Marta Junqué, from the Barcelona Time Initiative for a Healthy Society, announced that the international conference on time use research organized by the IATUR (International Association of Research into Time Uses) will be held in Barcelona from 27 to 29 October as part of the 8th Time Use Week, to be held between 25 and 31 October.

Director of Gender Services and Time Policy, Sonia Ruiz, shared details of the programme of activities that the Time Pact has planned to take place between June and October, highlighting the mobile exhibition that will visit every district in the city to raise public awareness of the Pact. The exhibition will be accompanied by a workshop-talk in each district, where the goals and main lines of action of the Pact will be explained and at which the organizations involved will share their best practices.

The Conference closed with a question and answer session, with Xavier Peralta, responsible for the Technical Secretariat of the Barcelona Time Pact, and Carmen Carrera, the City Council’s Time Programmes Manager, giving the closing words.