Tools to improve telework


It seems that teleworking has come to stay. Having tools to improve telework time management will be essential for all companies and organizations that decide to maintain this type of work once the crisis generated by COVID19 has been overcome.

The newspaper El País published, on May 10, an article stating that “a study carried out by EAE Business School affirms that telework has gone from representing 4% before the pandemic to reaching 88% of jobs during confinement. ” Many experts say that teleworking is here to stay, but “you have to find a balance between the needs of companies and workers.”

According to a survey carried out by Colliers International, 82% of the people surveyed would like to telework 1 or 2 times a week once the crisis caused by COVID19 has been overcome.

In order to work from home, apart from communicating by email and by platforms that facilitate video calls, there are other tools that can speed up teleworking, make it more efficient and better organized.

The Factor Humà Foundation has published useful document on telework where, beyond briefly presenting concepts about telework and the benefits of it, they share tools to better manage working time, to work collaboratively and to meet remotely.

The same document contains a brief guide to start teleworking and monitor it. In addition, it shares the experiences of two companies and the measures they have implemented, as well as a series of online materials that may be useful.