Visit the Time Pact mobile exhibition

We invite you to visit the Barcelona Time Pact mobile exhibition, which, starting now in June, will progressively reach every district in the city to raise awareness and seek out synergies among both the general public and companies and organizations. The exhibition will be accompanied by a workshop-talk with the aim of embarking on a joint reflection on time use and organization.  

 The Barcelona Time Pact is a city-wide pact involving both social and economic organizations to work towards establishing healthier, more egalitarian and efficient time organization models that will have a real impact on citizens’ quality of life and form a key part of the social and economic life of the city. The Time Pact is spearheading time use initiatives to help reduce social inequalities, improve people’s quality of life and promote a plural economy at the service of the residents of Barcelona. There are currently 221 organizations signed up to the Pact, which are implementing 500 good practices.

In order to raise awareness of the Pact among the general public, companies and organizations and professionals, a mobile exhibition has begun touring all the districts in the city. The Exhibition explains to the public exactly what the Time Pact is, the ideas behind it and its mission, as well as the different initiatives underway in the city, and also provides a theoretical framework for the project — to establish a new, healthier, more egalitarian and efficient organization of time — while showcasing, both visually and graphically, some specific successful experiences for each of the main lines of action pursued by the Time Pact, highlighting the main benefits and beneficiaries of each measures. The seven lines of action are related to education, health, care, participation, work, city services and mobility and new technologies.

To accompany the mobile exhibition, a workshop-talk will be held in each district with the aim of embarking on a joint reflection on time use and organization to establish working hours that are more productive, healthier and respectful of work-life balance, especially within this new economic and social context. Organizations involved in the Pact will take part in these workshop-talks to share their good practices.

Entry to the exhibition is free and will be open to visitors at the districts listed below on the dates shown and during the normal opening hours of each centre where the exhibition is to be held.

We strongly encourage you to visit the exhibition, take part in the workshop-talks that will be held in each district.