Almost half Barcelona’s tourists come back

Almost half Barcelona’s tourists come back

Some of the main reasons why tourist come back include culture and architecture, entertainment and the character and friendliness of the people.

Some 46.4% of visitors to Barcelona are returning to the city. The latest study by the Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona shows a slightly higher percentage of repetition (47.7%) among Destination Barcelona tourists, which is the sum of county and city visitors.

The report highlights the importance of fairs and congresses for the city, which help attract new visitors. Some 14% of first-time visitors come to the city for work and one in three Destination Barcelona visitors also return for professional reasons.

The tourists who come back the most are from Spain, UK and France, although there are others from further afield, such as the USA, who repeat visits to Barcelona (4.9%). In general, the average daily amount spent by people when visiting the city increases with each visit, ranging from € 77,89 on the first visit to € 89,29 on the fifth visit.

Tourists who return to Destination Barcelona are mainly attracted by culture and architecture, as well as entertainment and the character and friendliness of the people. Tourists on second and successive visits look for new experiences, getting away from the most iconic circuit and visiting unknown spots off the beaten track of tourist monuments. This opens up opportunities for the sector and for institutions, allowing for tourism to be decentralised, as noted by the Councillor for Tourism and Creative Industries, Xavier Marcé: “Returning tourism allows us to give a much broader vision of the city and give a better explanation of culture, leisure and gastronomy activities and destinations away from the centre”.