Barcelona, a global destination for sustainable tourism

Barcelona, a global destination for sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism. Improved access to beaches, backing for inclusive tourism and socially and environmentally sustainable tourism have all helped the city revalidate its Biosphere World Class Destination certificate.

Barcelona’s Biosphere World Class Destination certificate has been renewed thanks to the progress city has made in terms of socially and environmentally inclusive and sustainable tourism, with the positive effect this has for society.

Barcelona is one of seventeen global cities with the certificate, which recognises the work done by the City Council to offer quality standards in the range of tourist products and services offered and the way they are managed. The main points taken into account for Barcelona to be a Biosphere city were:

  • Improvements in access to beaches.
  • Commitment to the sustainable energy and climate action plan.
  • Decentralisation of tourism, spreading to other neighbourhoods.
  • Innovative initiatives such as the Youth Tourism Fair.

Barcelona was the first urban destination to gain the Biosphere World Class Destination certificate, in June 2011, and has revalidated the recognition on two occasions, in 2014 and in 2017.

The certificate follows the guidelines set out by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the World Tourism Organization, which indicate that sustainable tourism certification has an important role to play in regulating tourism services.