More resources from the tourist tax against illegal accommodation

More resources from the tourist tax against illegal accommodation

Tourism. Over 4.7 million euros raised from the tax on stays at tourist establishments will be allocated.

The income raised from tax on stays at tourist establishments will fund the staff and technology used for combating illegal tourist accommodation, in addition to other city and district projects, which are worth a total of 4.4 million euros.

These resources will include an allocation of some 4 million euros to the tourist-accommodation display service created this year (2018), the civic officers’ service and the web crawler used for tracing data on the network and one of the cornerstones to detecting unlicensed establishments.

Resources will also be allocated to the “Open City” Thinking Biennale and district projects such as the Camí de les Finestrelles viewing point and path, in Les Corts; the Espai Josep Comas i Solà’s exhibition project, in Vil·la Urània, and the reclaiming of memory spaces such as the museum conversion of the La Sagrera air-raid shelter and the display of Sant Martí de Provençals’ historical past through its farms.

2017 saw an income totalling slightly over 5 million euros, raised mainly from the tax, half of which was allocated to neighbourhood-improvement projects (2.5 million), and 641,914.73 euros to heritage- and culture-related projects.

This is the first year in which the city has succeeded in managing 50% of proceeds raised in Barcelona from the tax on stays in tourist establishments (IEET). The percentage had been at 34% until 2016, although the challenges presented against the Catalan regional government’s Budget Act during its processing achieved this increase.

Even so, all political party groups at the Full City Council Meeting unanimously approved a proposal for demanding that 100% of the proceeds raised through this tax should go to the city’s establishments.