Renewed commitment to ‘Barcelona is much more’

Renewed commitment to ‘Barcelona is much more’

Tourism. The shared marketing strategy for Destination Barcelona moves forward.

The promotion of Destination Barcelona, understood as the city and the province, has been strengthened through the renewal of the three-way agreement between Turisme de Barcelona, the City Council and the Provincial Council to improve knowledge and positioning at an international level. The renewal also means integrated marketing management between the consortium and the provincial institutions to generate synergies and enrich the marketing strategy for tourism, currently being worked on and due to be presented and rolled out this year.

The marketing strategy sets out the priority framework for defining operations to be executed by the two bodies in a coordinated and consensual way.

The triple alliance between the institutions and the consortium started in 2008 and was reinforced in 2015 with the introduction of the ‘Barcelona is much more’ programme. Last year also saw the merging of the two convention bureaus run by the city and the provincial council.

‘Barcelona is much more’ has grown year after year, to the point where it markets 77 different tourist products and packages in the areas making up the province of Barcelona. The programme involves 460 companies and destinations in the city and the province and has carried out 254 promotional initiatives in over 20 countries since it was set up.

The agreement also means full involvement in the Barcelona City and Regional Tourism Observatory (OTB), a platform promoted by the three bodies and the Chamber of Commerce to manage and obtain information for building and transmitting knowledge relating to the destination.