VinclesBCN users’ Christmas get-together

VinclesBCN users’ Christmas get-together

27/12/2018 - 10:00

Senior citizens. Some 60 people visit the nativity scene and tree at Plaça Sant Jaume

A group made up of some sixty users of the VinclesBCN service have held a traditional Christmas get-together for visiting the nativity scene and Christmas Tree in Plaça Sant Jaume, as well as the nativity scene put up at the Museu Frederic Marès. Many users used their tablets to take photos and videos of the event. Participants hailed from every one of the city’s districts and were accompanied by a the VinclesBCN animation team.

The activity, which was held on 14 December, ended with a group photo and a summary video of the get-together where participants sent their greetings for the Christmas festivities. Many users kept the event going even longer by taking refreshments together.

Vincles BCN is a social innovation project that strengthens the social ties of elderly people who feel lonely and improves their well-being with the aid of new technologies. First launched in January 2017 the service now has some thousand users. For further information, please visit the VinclesBCN webpage.