Local public policies established in the Social and Solidarity Economy Impetus Plan have two main general objectives: the promotion and consolidation of the Social and Solidarity Economy.  


This consists of awareness-raising and publicity measures aimed at normalising Social and Solidarity Economy, establishing its feel-good factor, fostering social receptivity and stimulating public participation. 

It also includes promotional measures to create new initiatives, as well as transform existing commercial companies into Social and Solidarity Economy organisations or introduce them to it.


These measures are aimed at strengthening and improving existing Social and Solidarity Economy initiatives in order to consolidate and develop them. And also to improve their socio-business, socio-political and socio-community coordination.

The gender and social integration perspectives are an integral part of the plan's objectives and actions. For this reason, efforts will always be made to ensure equal access to groups that have historically been excluded from the job market, so that they can take part in decision-making, funding and public discourse.

The range of resources available for meeting these objectives include: training, financial aid, responsible public procurement, funding, advice and support, direct participation, allocating venues and materials, detecting opportunities and social needs and the promotion of fiscal advantages.


Objectives Impetus Plan Barcelona