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The future
is now

Action by the City Council
for 2019-2023

Four years marked by the pandemic...

Firefighters unloading supplies to set up a field healthcare area A scene of La Rambla empty of vehicles and people A field hospital set up and ready to go

... and the
war in Ukraine (17,000 people assisted)

2,550 M€
3,253 M€
3,406 M€
An extraordinary
budget of …
€3.6 billion
Staff from an assisted living facility accompanying an elderly woman
Young Guàrdia Urbana city police agents who just joined the force
Staff from the Cuidem Barcelona cleaning service working on the beaches

Boost for public services

  • An additional 1,000 Guàrdia Urbana police officers
  • A new contract for and reinforcement of the cleaning service
  • Record social services spending

First participatory

with €30million

earmarked for 76 project
chosen by ordinary citizens
for neighbourhood improvements

for activities with a high social,
nvironmental and economic impact

  • Gambling and betting shops
  • Macro-kitchens and “ghost” supermarkets
  • Major e-commerce operators

95% of the Municipal Action


In line with the

17 United Nations goals

that make up the 2030 Agenda
for Sustainable Development


A plan for economic revival Barcelona
Green Deal

€10 million
earmarked for creating over 1,212 permanent and quality job contracts
(56% women).

86,779 people assisted in job promotion programmes (59% women).

Three young people talking in a unique, modern space

32,000 entrepreneurs assisted (58% women)

12,500 business projects assisted

850 shops supported by Barcelona Activa via the “Comerç a Punt” programme

Improvements to the municipal markets

Crowds walking by the entrance to the new Sant Andreu market on a sunny day

€100 million
invested in market network maintenance
11 major renovations

€17 million
to revive the retail trade and

35 officially protected premises purchased

€20 million
in local economy subsidies

Map using points to show the location of the Shop Locally campaign

Extraordinary permits for bar/restaurant terraces during the pandemic to support the catering sector

More than 3,600 new extraordinary licenses and extensions

Young man working with a 3D printer

Digital skills training for 66,000 people

20,000 people attended to by ICT Officers

Boost to strategic digital projects (IT Academy, Escola 42, Welcome desk)

New economic activity hubs

Unique venues for group work with people working inside and out
  • Digital economy at the Correos central post office
  • Industrial warehouses in the Besòs area
  • Palo Alto, in 22@
  • Sports Tech incubator at the Olympic Stadium
  • The blue economy at the Olympic Port
Major international events

  • Mobile World Congress: permanent headquarters agreement
  • America’s Cup
  • ISE Audiovisual Fair
  • Manifesta Art Biennial
  • World Architecture Capital
  • Global host for the Giga project

Tourist tax
€6 million
from the tourist tax to fund

40 projects and investments in different neighbourhoods

Families with children playing in a square and a poster with the name of the activity

World Sustainable Food Capital
and future cooperative hub atCan Batlló (Bloc 4)


Support for carers with the VILA VEÏNA programme in the neighbourhoods,
and the

TARGETA CUIDADORto access benefits and personalised services

Creation of the municipal babysitting services
with 2,400 user families

Social services with a record budget
and innovation in social care

Group million €333 million €343 million €370 million €408 2019 2020 2021 2022

Combating the digital divide and feminisation of poverty
138,600 women and 455 companies and entities

have taken part in the programmes

Combating violence against women

96 purple points in the city

Kiosk at a Punt Lila information point open at night with a team inside to answer queries

300 welcome places + new assistance services for women

Guàrdia Urbana with

more women police officers

New services to address violence against women

Improved coexistence in areas where there are nightspots

New assistance model for homeless people,offering greater autonomy

1,100 new places

2 centres for homeless women

107,960 power supply cut-offs prevented

by the Energy Advice Points, with 37,873 households assisted

Map showing anonymised locations of homes provided assistance to keep their power supply from being cut off
Outside view of an APROP building

Social services granted

115,351 financial assistance grants

€85.95 million
for emergency housing

Municipal dentist

€890,000 /annual
in 4 dentist surgeries

More than
40,000 appointments

275 new flats with services
for elderly people
(427 under construction)

Radars community project in
59 neighbourhoods to combat loneliness

A senior woman and man at the entrance to their house

Remote assistance service reaches 108,000 people

Home Help Service budget up by 50%

New psychological support services:


13 spaces to assist young people

Suicide prevention helpline

6,500 instances of assistance

Land ceded for

5 new Health Centres (Besòs, Fort Pienc, Gòtic, Raval Nord and Congrés-Indians)

and improvements to Hospital del Mar

New entrance hallway at the Hospital del Marr

11,492 families

received financial assistance through the Childhood 0-16 Fund last year

2 new municipal nursery schools

4 more under constructions and a further

2 planned

Small children playing in the playroom of a municipal nursery school

A network with

104 schools

23 family parenting spaces

11 new schools

8 private schools now part of the municipal school network

€182 million in schools improvements

Teaching staff at 74 schools reinforced by educational and emotional support workers

Neighbourhood Plan

€150 million
in investments and projects in the

23 neighbourhoods
with most inequality

Scene of children participating in a classical music workshop at school led by an orchestra conductor

Shock plan to maintain cultural activity during the pandemic

and a new cultural rights plan to ensure that culture reaches everyone

Consolidation of the Biennial of Thought with more than 20,000 visitors

1 new library 3 further under construction
or at the planning stage

and new spaces for culture:
El Molino, Paral·lel 62, Gustau Gili and Antic Theatre

4 new municipal sports facilities under construction

5 being remodelled

A team of child athletes with their backs turned and arms around each other looking at the football pitch

13 renovated football pitches

"Ciutadella of Knowledge" the new science and research centre in the vicinity of Parc de la Ciutadella


Vacuum vehicle from the urban cleaning service driving around and cleaning the street

€307 million/year
for cleaning and waste management

400 more workers

870 electric vehicles

Playable city with
over 900 public spaces for children’s play making

play areas more varied with opportunities for everyone to play

200 play areas
being renovated

A playground with unique equipment Children playing in different areas Children playing in different areas

26 infant and
primary schools

now have greener coeducational, more playable, community playgrounds


by calming traffic round 200 of them

Opening up streets

Car-free weekends on Gran de Gràcia and at the Creu Coberta - C/Sants hub

50 greener hectares

in the city

Girl doing a somersault on the grass in a park surrounded by vegetation

9,500 new trees planted

Promoting the construction of the new Barcelona Pet Shelter

103 shared-use recreational areasfor dogs, amounting to more than
900,000 m2

Dogs with their owners nearby using a recreation area

157 solar installations

doubling energy production

Barcelona Energia now the top public energy trading company in Spain

Mercabarna, the largest photovoltaic installation for self-consumption in Spain

Solar panels on top of the facilities at Mercabarna Pergola in a children’s playground with solar panels in the public space


Low emission zone consolidated with
fewer polluting
in NO2

The price of frequent user public transport passes has been reduced by half

Investment in
€475 million on public transport
50 new underground trains have been acquired

423 new buses
(80% hybrid or electric)

60km new bus lanes

4 city bus-on-demand lines in operation

New express bus service


New public app and

190 micro taxi ranks in the city

Streets with a 30 km speed limit
now make up 70 % of the road network

A woman on bicycle in a bicycle lane parallel to a motorcycle parking zone off the pavement

Pavements for pedestrians, freeing them of bike lanes and creating

12,000roadside parking places for motorbikes

Two people crossing at a pedestrian crossing right in front of a tram stopped in a zone with many lanes and another tram in the background going in the opposite direction

Public works underway to connect the tramlines along Av Diagonal

272 KM
of bike lanes by the end of 2023

Bicing bike hire with 104 new stations

and more than 4,000 e-bikes

Map showing the new bicycle lanes launched in the past 4 years


Expansion of the municipal housing stock

11,500 dwellings
(there were 7,500 in 2015)

Overview of the finished APROP building

+2.500 dwellings under construction

Thanks to 32,208 rent subsidies (€51 million)

80,000 people able to stay in their homes (in 2021)

In the last four years
€142 million
have been mobilised in grants to pay for housing.

We have ceded 35 plots to cooperatives, foundations and metropolitan operators

to build 1,689 dwellings

A total of
18,049 households


Superblock Barcelona a new way to build the city: priority given to people, more greenery, sustainable materials and spaces for relaxation and play

Major transformations

  • Green hubs and spaces in Eixample
  • Glòries
  • Meridiana
  • Via Laietana
  • Pi i Margall
  • Rambla
  • La Marina del Prat Vermell
  • Can Batlló
A simulation of the green hub on Consell de Cent completed The canopy of Les Glòries Aerial view of the Meridiana area transformed A simulation of what the upper part of Via Laietana will be like Simulation of what the Pi i Margall area will be like Aerial view of the construction on La Rambla Urban green space in La Marina Aerial view of the construction in Can Batlló

Major infrastructures

  • Sagrera
  • Sants
  • Sant Andreu Comtal Station
  • Tramway link-up
  • Olympic Port
  • Glòries tunnel
  • Port-city
Construction work at La Sagrera Station Simulation of what the new Sants Station will be like View of the entrance to the new Sant Andreu Station Tramway stop with two trams collecting passengers Aerial view of the Port Olímpic Les Glòries tunnel working in both directions

€71 million
to rehabilitate buildings and regenerate the Besòs neighbourhoods


Ciutat Vella

  • Rambla
  • Via Laietana
  • Centre of C/ Mestres Casals i Martorell


  • New green hubs
  • More municipal school places
  • Increase in the public housing stock


  • Els Gats Nursery School & Family Parenting Space and sports hall on C/ Roger
  • Parc de Can Batlló Park
  • Opening up streets

Les Corts

  • Colònia Castells
  • South Campus
  • Enlargement of the Illa Pavillion

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

  • Construction of the new library
  • Bus on demand
  • Investments in the mountain neighbourhoods


  • Pi i Margall green hub
  • Parc de Margaret Michaelis
  • Motorbike plan


  • Bus on demand
  • Doctor Pla i Armengol Gardens
  • Construction of La Teixonera Nursery School and Family Parenting Space

Nou Barris

  • Rehabilitation and improvements to four schools
  • Construction of the Montserrat Market
  • New housing developments

Sant Andreu

  • Sant Andreu Barracks
  • Cases Barates in Bon Pastor (4th phase)
  • Trinitat Vella - Prison

Sant Martí

  • Gabriel García Márquez Library
  • C/ Santander Bridge
  • Besòs i Maresme Commitment"

Barcelona City Council

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