• ‘Open City’ Biennial of Though

    The second edition of the ‘Open City’ Biennial of Thought invites people to discuss and reflect on major challenges for contemporary .

  • Bonus Cultura

    Bonus Cultura is an initiative promoted by the cultural sector’s associations, with Barcelona City Council’s support, which is aimed at incentivising cultural consumption in the entrepreneurial sector of Barcelona’s culture.

  • Barcelona Expat Week

    A new hybrid, digital and on-site event, from October 19 to 23, 2020. It is aimed at the international community of Barcelona and people interested in the international talent of the city.

  • Online procedures​

    You can carry out your procedures online at the Barcelona City Council's electronic office.

  • BCN Safe City​

    We’re making this tool available to companies from the various sectors which gear their activity towards the public, to minimise the risk of infection and strengthen safety and confidence to reactivate the city’s economic fabric.​

  • Cabàs Emocional

    Centre for online activities and resources to improve emotional well-being.

  • Biodiversity Atlas

    The Barcelona Biodiversity Atlas enables readers to become familiar with the various species of trees, plants, birds, butterflies, vertebrates and other flora and fauna, individually or collectively

  • Norma. Barcelona Legal Portal

    You can now consult Norma, the website that features all municipal regulations and relevant legal documents.

  • 12th Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council award

    The call for entries for the 12th Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council award is open until 23 October. This year’s award theme is "For an anti-racist Barcelona".

  • E-notification. Get connected

    E-notifications are a form of online communication with city residents. Instead of being sent to you on paper by post, as has been the case up to now, your notifications will now be available to you on a digital platform you can access from your own personal space.

  • Laberint Training Centre Courses

    As in previous years, the offers are divided up into long-term courses, one-off courses and technical courses aimed at the sector’s professionals.

30/09/2020 - 16:03h

First step to consolidate the 22@ and foster community life there

Urban planning. Initially approved at the commission stage, the plan is set to double protected housing, create new green streets and add vitality to a million square metres of space...


30/09/2020 - 15:38h

On-site neighbourhood council sessions resume

Participation. The sessions for the neighbourhoods in Ciutat Vella will be held between now and 13 October.

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