• 2021 Chestnut festival

    Food, tradition and popular culture in every district of the city. Consult all the activities.

  • Grants for the renovation of homes 2021

    The aid incorporates different lines for the rehabilitation of common elements of buildings and the interior of homes and pays special attention to the most vulnerable people.

  • Consumption Bonus

    You can now purchase the "Consumption Bonus" from bncmarket.barcelona, worth 20 euros and can be exchanged for products or services to establishments participating in the initiative. Of the 20 euros, the interested party will only have to pay 10 euros and the remaining 10 euros will be subsidized by the City Council.

  • Barcelona Superblock Plan

    Barcelona has undertaken a major transformation of public space to meet the great challenges of the future and place neighborhood life at the center.

  • Calm and collected drivers are cool

    Everyone has the right to move around the city. And to do so safely as well. That’s why one priority for the city is to turn Barcelona into a safer and more pleasant city.

  • Innovacció 2030

    The IInnovacció 2030 program is Barcelona's commitment to accelerating sustainable urban and social innovation as a fundamental tool for achieving the 2030 Agenda. The aim is to respond to the needs and demands of the city and its citizens. in an open and collaborative way.

  • Barcelona Districte Cultural

    The cultural programme for all Barcelona districts and neighbourhoods is back. Free admission.

  • Children's Rights Film Series

    Family sessions at the Girona Cinemas, every Sunday in November at 11 am.

  • 42. 1st Festival of Fantastic Genres of Barcelona

    Barcelona, the UNESCO City of Literature, already has its Fantastic Genres Festival. And it is called… 42. From 3 to 7 November in La Fabra i Coats.

  • #BCNcuida't

    Consult full information on the measures for the Covid-19 in Barcelona.

26/10/2021 - 17:02h

Healthy and sustainable food reaches all districts

City Council. The exhibition follows on from Sustainable Food Week.

Enquesta de serveis municipals 2021

26/10/2021 - 16:07h

Municipal services survey 2021: local people’s perception of the city improves after the pandemic

City Council. Three out of four local people approve of municipal management.

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