• #BCNcuida't

    Consult full information on the measures for the Covid-19 in Barcelona.

  • The Christmas city

    This Christmas, Barcelona is offering activities and proposals in every district so the festivities can be enjoyed safely, subject at all times to the health authorities’ recommendations for tackling COVID-19.

  • Suicide hotline

    Breaking the silence helps to prevent suicide. Someone at the other side of the line who listens and supports. Suicide hotline line is available 365 days/24 hours.

  • Buy with RECS. Shop in the neighborhood

    Buy in RECS in all stores at the Eix Besos and get 15% more for the next purchases while supporting local business.

  • Superilla Barcelona

    Barcelona updates the Cerdà plan to the 21st century with a new vision and a project for the future which reorganises general mobility to create new green streets and new squares. #SuperillaBarcelona

  • Go to an energy advice point

    We will help you avoid a power outage due to lack of resources and adjust the energy expenditure of your home.

  • Dear diary: history of a lockup

    The exhibition aims to show, through the children’s eyes, what was felt, experienced and learnt during the pandemic

  • The ‘City, Tourism and Culture’ debate forum

    An initiative for reflection and debate to identify potential areas for engagement and medium and long-term intervention strategies.

  • Barcelona Never Stops

    Barcelona City Council is implementing an economic recovery project with a set of measures. #Maiensaturem

  • E-notification. Get connected

    E-notifications are a form of online communication with city residents. Instead of being sent to you on paper by post, as has been the case up to now, your notifications will now be available to you on a digital platform you can access from your own personal space.

  • Barcelona against loneliness

    What is loneliness, what causes it and how we fight it

  • Registration 1 to 30 November

    This ninth edition seeks to recognise, promote and disseminate the work of companies and organisations backing new ways of time-use management linked to time and space flexibility (teleworking), care and co-responsibility.

28/11/2020 - 12:35h

The Christmas City is here

Christmas City. The Christmas programme includes hundreds of activities in all districts, particularly in the city centre.

Ple Novembre 2020

27/11/2020 - 17:34h

Opposition proposals from the full council meeting of 27 November 2020

City Council. Summary of agreements reached in the section of the meeting for proposals and control of the municipal government.

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