L’Orgullosa Barcelona

Under the name ‘L’Orgullosa’, Barcelona is set to spend a festive month and a half showing itself to the world as a leader in LGBTI rights and freedoms, the fight against LGBTI-phobia and the promotion of sexual and gender diversity. This is a celebration where all citizens feel represented, with a programme filled with surprises and reasons to be proud


  • Do you feel discriminated against? Go to content

    The OND supports people at the receiving end of any type of discrimination, gives them legal advice on how to report it and works to raise awareness among Barcelona’s citizens.

    Go to the web https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lgtbi/sites/default/files/555x312_ond_en.jpg
  • Binarism? Intersectionality? Go to content

    When speaking about sexual and gender diversity, do some words go over your head? Consult our glossary of term

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lgtbi/sites/default/files/baner-eng-v3_0.png
  • Schools for equality and diversity Go to content

    Get to know the program for the promotion of equality, equity and respect in children and adolescents from 3 to 16 years of the schools and institutes of Barcelona.

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lgtbi/sites/default/files/escoles_banner_web_dones.jpg


Barcelona LGTBI Centre will be closed for holidays until 22nd August

05/08/2022 - 10:46

Barcelona LGTBI Centre will be closed from Monday 8th August

Holiday opening hours and days closed in August at the LGBTI Centre

25/07/2022 - 10:37

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre will be operating summer opening hours as from 1st August.

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