The City Council Area of LGBTI Affairs seeks to ensure respect and non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual and gender diversity in every area of the Council, politics and society.

The goal is to put an end to discrimination on the ground of sexism in every field of our everyday lives, such as sport, work, school, culture, international relations and so on.

In seeking respect for sexual and gender diversity, the City Council relies on the Department of Gender Mainstreaming, whose main aim is to ensure that gender equality is the central goal of the entire City Council, municipal areas and districts alike, in every field of action.

We understand sexism to be systems that define people according to their sex, put them in a hierarchy and maintain rules of behaviour that correspond to that division, by allocating different capacities, values, standards and roles to men and women. Such systems also maintain that the man/woman binomial is the only existing one, thereby obscuring and discriminating against people who do not fit into those categories.

Main lines of action:

• We are strengthening the mechanisms for reporting cases of LGBTI-phobia to the police and accompanying victims.
• We offer resources and services for LGBTI people as regards health care, social guidance, family advice, etc.
• We promote the political and social participation of LGBTI people.
• We promote the rights of LGBTI refugees in the city.
• We offer services to defend, protect and guarantee human rights in the city.

All these lines of action are part of the plans, protocols and government measures you can consult here.

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Strategic lines

  • Assistance
  • Prevention
  • Mainstreaming
  • Networking