Barcelona City Council belongs to various networks and international projects that promote sexual and gender diversity and the rights of LGBTI people, with the aim of establishing collaboration protocols with other cities, exchanging good practices and collaborating with public authorities who want to promote sexual and gender diversity policies.

  • Rainbow Cities Network

    This is a growing network of international cities with LGBTI policies, set up in 2011 by Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cologne and Turin. It has 32 member cities (as of 1 November 2017). The network’s goals are to promote the inclusion of the LGBTI community, give more prominence to LGBTI actions and exchange knowledge and experiences of applied LGBTI policies.

  • Catalan Network of LGBTI Municipalities

    This is a network of cities in Catalonia that are committed to local policies on sexual and gender diversity. It was set up and officially presented to the public on 28 June 2016, which coincided with Gay Pride. Its purpose is to share experiences, create synergies and unite efforts to defend the rights of all LGBTI people and make sexual and gender diversity a value that is shared by the general public.

  • “Intersectionality in Metropolitan LGBTI Policies” project

    Project promoted by the World Association of Major Metropolises. This project brings together Montevideo, Medellín, Mexico City, Berlin, Buenos Aires and Barcelona to generate shared knowledge so that an intersectional perspective can be incorporated into local policies for LGBTI people.

    The intersectional focus recognises that people, including LGBTI people, are affected by various inequalities, and this intersection generates a new type of discrimination that is more than the sum of these inequalities.