In this section, you will find Barcelona City Council's main communication campaigns for L'Orgullosa, including the celebrations on 17 May, the International Day Against LGTBI-phobia, and 28 June, the International LGTBI Pride Day.

L'Orgullosa Barcelona

Campaign 2022

From 21 May to 28 June, Barcelona decked itself out in festive and protest garb for L’Orgullosa, to show the world that the city is a benchmark for the rights and freedoms of LGTBI communities, the fight against LGTBI-phobia and the promotion of sexual and gender diversity.

The celebrations took place across various city neighbourhoods, inviting city residents to enjoy a wide range of artistic activities, culminating in a grand musical gala on 28 June, the International LGTBI Pride Day, at the Olympic Ring in Montjuïc.