• Barcelona Superblock Plan Go to content

    Barcelona has embarked on a large transformation of public space to take on the big challenges of the future and put residents’ lives at the centre.

  • Obrim Carrers Go to content

    Obrim Carrers, every weekend at Gran de Gràcia and Creu Coberta - Sants street.


  • One today, one tomorrow Go to content

    In 2026, Barcelona will be the UIA-UNESCO World Capital of Architecture and the World Architecture Congress by the International Union of Architects (UIA)

    http://img.youtube.com/vi/sHZ7l3ZdG1g/0.jpg sHZ7l3ZdG1g
  • Agenda + Sustainable Go to content

    A monthly publication for those in sustainability activities: workshops, talks, interactive games ...

  • Tactical urbanism Go to content

    A way to quickly change the way a street is used, making it possible to adapt the city to new forms of mobility, and a new way of conceptualising urban life.

  • In the low-emissions zone, less pollution Go to content

    1 April marks the end of the moratorium for vans (N1). They will not be able to travel through the LEZ without an environmental sticker or authorisation.

  • Oficina 22@ Go to content

    The Office is a support point for individuals and businesses to facilitate the urban renewal process and economic development in the area.

  • 2030 Agenda Go to content

    City commitment to the 2030 Agenda

  • We’re protecting schools Go to content

    A project about the transformation of a school’s surroundings, putting children’s safety and well-being at the centre.

  • "La Model" public tender Go to content

    Forgas Arquitectes, SLP / Planas Esquius Segatti SCP has been awarded the public tender for transforming La Model venue.

  • Green point user card Go to content

    The card will allow you to get up to a 14% discount on waste-related fees. Use it, you will win!

  • Second Green Roofs Competition Go to content

    Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Institute of Urban Landscape is convening this initiative to promote the establishment of new green roofs in the city.

  • Biodiversity Atlas Go to content

    The Atlas is a set of maps revealing some of the most relevant data on Barcelona’s biodiversity.


Safety, coexistence and mobility operation at the Christmas City

03/12/2021 - 12:58 h

Christmas 2021. A special operation is in place to guarantee safety, coexistence and mobility from 4 December to 9 January.

The Barcelona Christmas Tour is back!

03/12/2021 - 08:05 h

Christmas. This Christmas you can take a bus ride around the streets and places in the city which have been specially decorated and lit up, such as Pl. Catalunya, C/ Aragó and Gran Via, with their brand new lighting design.

Pi i Margall set to become a green street

02/12/2021 - 18:40 h

The project will have a budget of 13.6 million euros, with work due to start next June and last 17 months.

Tools and Resources

Urban Planning

Would you like to localize on the map the works that are carried out in Barcelona? In this website you'll be able to find them by ubication or kind of work.

Technical Prescriptions for Public Space

Check technical documentation that describe prescriptions for different kind of works within the city.

Main Projects

The constructed city has become a large metropolitan area with the same needs for territorial cohesion and environmental sustainability as Europe's major cities. At the same time, the importance of neighbourhoods in this new reality makes it crucial for us to act decisively if we are to avoid territorial divides, ensure the same opportunities in all parts of the city and create an indispensable local space for social involvement and the generation of environments that promote public health and well-being.

Electronic submission of Building Permits

Ajuntament de Barcelona has launched a new way of handling building permits and cases making it possible to manage electronically all applications. This is possible thanks to the deployment of an electronic file for building permits. A digital certificate is required, as well as the project and the technical documentation of the works in electronic form.

Procedures and Activities Census

En aquest apartat trobareu tots els tràmits associats a la implantació de noves activitats així com els tràmits relacionats amb els expedients d’activitats ja existents que l'Ajuntament posa al vostre abast al Portal de Tràmits, així com la consulta del cens d'allotjaments turístics i el cens de reserva.

Licensing Procedures

In this section you will find all the steps of licensing procedures. The city council gives you access to the Procedures Website  to complete all the necessary procedure online. However, some of these steps and procedures, need to be done in person. All the necessary information is available on the links.

ban on tourist-room renting

It is now a year since the city placed a ban on the introduction of shared households owing to the suspended granting of licences for tourist-use rooms in dwellings and of permits for shared-household building work. The period ends on 6 August but there will be no change in Barcelona and no licence for shared households will be accepted.

Bicycle lane network

The City Council aims to implement a wide, connected and secure network of bike lanes. Over the past years, the infrastructure of pedal shafts has been expanded and secured to promote its use in order to move towards sustainable mobility and the alternative use of public spaces.

Connected Tramway

The Overground Tramway along Avinguda Diagonal with reserved platform is the most positively valued option in regard to the three proposed alternatives, which were all analysed under the same methodology. 

Check Vehicle Restrictions

Introduce la matrícula para saber el potencial contaminante, según la clasificación de la DGT, y las restricciones municipales en las medidas contra la contaminación ambiental.

Parks and Gardens

The city’s parks and gardens turn it into place to live in and are also areas for meeting and interaction, leisure and relaxation. Check out the list of Barcelona’s parks and gardens and enjoy nature without leaving the city.

Bathing and beaches

Find out about Barcelona’s various beaches, where they are, the facilities and services they offer, and any other information you need to choose the most suitable one.

Urban Tree's Browser

In the streets of Barcelona there are over 150 species and tree cultivars. Each one of them provides different colours, fragrances and foliages identity and contributes to our streets identity while improving environmental conditions. It's not easy to choose a tree for our gardens, parks and streets since we have to bear in mind not only the characteristics of species, but also the growing environment in order to meet the key principal regarding the suitable tree for the right place.

Garden Pests and Diseases Management

The City Council indicates through signposts the vegetation which is being treated for pest control according to the provisions of the current legislation from Royal Decree 1311/2012 and Directive 2009/128/EC of the European Parliament, which establishes as mandatory to indicate phytosanitary treatments in vegetation located on roads.

Check here the treatments for the city vegetation (per month/districts).

Waste Browser

The Waste Browser is a tool which helps to identify the destination of each type of household waste, which results in managing waste correctly and improving the environment.

Green Points Network

Green Points are used to get rid of waste can’t be thrown into street containers. By using this service we contribute to improve the recycling process and help preserving the environment.

Household waste collection

Barcelona has an extensive municipal service for the daily collection of household and commercial waste to provide waste collection to citizens and ensure a clean and healthy public space.

Environmental Maps

Environmental data maps, compiled jointly by Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB), provide a set of detailed information on the quality of the environment that the city is subject to.

Energy Calculator

Energy calculator: do you know how much energy you use at home? The energy calculator is a tool that enables you to find out how much energy you are using and which of your appliances are consuming the most energy.

Biodiversity Atlas

The Atlas is a set of maps revealing some of the most relevant data on Barcelona’s biodiversity: parks, gardens, plant species that live there, street trees and the birds nesting in the city.

Fee for the collection of municipal waste from private homes

This is an environmental tax to be used for the management of the household waste produced in the city, in accordance with European Directive 2018/851 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Metropolitan Programme for the Prevention and Management of Municipal Resources and Waste. Its aim is to improve waste management, increase selective collection and reduce polluting emissions.