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Check your vehicle's environmental label

Would you like to recive informations when the air pollution is activated?

Air quality in 12 answers

Is the air we breathe in Barcelona polluted?

Aire Barcelona contaminat

What is the Barcelona Ring Roads Low Emission Zone?

Zona de Baixes Emissions Rondes Barcelona

What traffic restriction do vehicles without a DGT label have?


How does pollution affect our health?

Com afecta a les persones el PM10

Which vehicles cannot circulate during a pollution episode?

Vehicles no poden circular en episodi de contaminació

How can I help to reduce pollution in Barcelona?

Reduir la contaminació a Barcelona

Does the restriction apply to vehicles from other provinces and foreign vehicles?

La restricció afecta als vehicles d’altres províncies i estrangers

How will I know the right environmental sticker for my vehicle?

Com puc saber el distintiu ambiental del meu vehicle

What is the Metropolitan T-Verda?

Què és la T-Verda Metropolitana

Will professional vehicles without any environmental label be allowed to travel in 2020?


Do the restrictions have a greater effect on people with lower incomes?


What are the planned penalties?


What is the Metropolitan Registry?


What is an air pollution episode?

episodi de contaminació

How do I know if a pollution episode has been announced?

Com m’assabento que estem en episodi de contaminació?

What is the T-Aire?



Via Laietana, Barcelona, obres, desconfinament, mobilitat, covid-19, voreres

Work gets under way to widen the pavements in Via Laietana

17/05/2020 - 13:00 h

Mobility and transport. Pavements will now be 4.15 metres wide.

Streets adapted and parks reopened for safe use of public space

30/04/2020 - 16:44 h

Some 74,000 square metres of public space will be reserved for pedestrians as from 1 May, with 70 parks also to re-open.

mobilitat desconfinament

How will we get about once the lockdown starts to ease?

25/04/2020 - 13:50 h

Covid-19. Emergency measures to ensure safe travel on foot, by bike and on public transport.

Senyals ZBE

Low Emission Zone penalty period postponed

16/03/2020 - 19:44 h

Covid-19. The Rondes BCN LEZ remains active on working days from Monday to Friday, 7.00 am to 8.00 pm, but without the penalties that were scheduled to be applied from 1 April.

Map of Barcelona's air quality

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