High level PM10 warning

Measures to be activated

Prohibició de les activitats

Control of public works

Reduction (or prohibition) and control of public works and municipal services that may generate dust.

Actuacions sobre els serveis municipals i les obres

Increased irrigation

Increased irrigation in streets, parks and non-asphalted squares.

Prohibició de circulació

LEZ activation

Traffic restrictions within the Barcelona Low-Emission Zone.

Reforç del transport públic

Public transport

Public transport is reinforced by increasing its frequency.

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Tarifació extraordinària en l’aparcament

Special rates

See the special rates that apply to green and blue zones.

Advice in the case of a particle pollution episode

Feu us de la bici

Use a bicycle

Travel on foot or by bicycle, use streets with less traffic and avoid peak times.

Transport públic

Choose public transport

Use public rather than private transport.

Comparteix vehicle

Share vehicles

If you have no alternative but to use a private vehicle, share it or combine its use with public transport.


Control the temperature in buildings

Regulate the temperature in your house or workplace, avoiding excessive heat or cold.

Ventila el teu habitatge

Air your home

Air your home at times when there is less traffic on the streets.

Població vulnerable

Reduce intense physical activity

Reduce intense physical activity, especially outdoors. Avoid doing if you are part of the vulnerable population *

* Older people, people with heart or respiratory diseases, children and pregnant women.

How do we know it's happening?

In the case of a pollution episode with traffic restrictions (due to NO2) which involves increased public transport and restrictions on using the most polluting vehicles, the City Council will provide information through its municipal citizen information and advice channels by 3 pm on the same day that the Government of Catalonia declares the pollution episode, and the mobility measures will come into force the day after, from 7 am to 8 pm. Information messages will also be displayed in advance on variable information panels located within the city and on city access roads; vertical signage will be installed on the city's Ring Roads and in the surrounding area to inform drivers.  The measures are maintained for complete days (from 7 am to 8 pm) until the Government of Catalonia issues its deactivation notice.

Barcelona City Council has activated the PM10 pollution-episode and NO2 pollution episode with traffic restriction phase of its Action Protocol for high levels of atmospheric pollution in Barcelona city, in accordance with the alert issued by the Government of Catalonia.