Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with other public organizations, city councils, as well as local organisations and businesses, are carrying out various actions in order to reduce air pollution:

Reducing the number of journeys made in private vehicles

The objective is to reduce the number of journeys made in private vehicles in the metropolitan area by 21%, compared to 2013 levels. This is the main source of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution, especially due to older diesel engines.

Facilitar la dispersió de les partícules en suspensió

Facilitating the dispersion of suspended particulates

Hosing down streets and squares, together with reducing activities that produce particulates, helps to reduce the presence of suspended particulates (PM10), a pollutant that is harmful to people's health.

Foment del transport públic + sostenible

Fostering more sustainable public transport

Barcelona City Council is committed to improving the city's public transport network (bus, metro), linking up the city's tramlines and extending the bicycle-lane network, as well as making the fleet of municipal vehicles more environmentally-friendly.

Model urbà sostenible i saludable

A sustainable, healthy urban model

It is working towards a sustainable urban environment, with local services and facilities, which gives priority to pedestrians and has green areas that help to make a healthy city.

Aposta per a l'ús de la bicicleta

Opting for bicycles

The City Council is expanding the bicycle-lane network, improving signage and introducing new bicycle parking places throughout the city.

Afavorir els vehicles menys contaminants

Favouring vehicles that pollute less

Based on the Directorate General for Traffic's environmental classification of vehicles, Barcelona City Council is encouraging the use of vehicles that pollute less.

Promoció del vehicle elèctric

Promoting electric vehicles

The introduction of new charge points for electric vehicles around the city is being encouraged, and the Bicing service is being complemented with electric-bicycle stations.

Impuls de la zona de baixes emissions de l'àmbit rondes de Barcelona

Promoting a low-emission zone in the area around Barcelona's ring roads

With the help of AMB, an environmental-protection zone is being delimited, where the use of the most polluting vehicles is restricted in order to ensure air quality for local residents.

Protecció als col·lectius sensibles

Protection for sensitive groups

Local actions are being undertaken to protect the health of groups that are more sensitive to atmospheric pollution, such as children.

In order to combat pollution, everyone has to get involved: public administrations, organisations, bodies, companies, citizens....  For our health and the health of future generations. Find out what the city’s principal agents are doing and the spaces for participation and debate linked to air quality.