Drive around Barcelona

To get around Barcelona you have a wide network of public transport, more than 200 km of bike lanes, and streets and avenues that increasingly prioritize walking. If you have no choice but to move by motor vehicle, this vehicle must correspond to the DGT environmental badge (or technology similar).

Check your vehicle's environmental label

Drive without label according to uses and type of vehicle


Vehicles for people with reduced mobility; emergency services (police, the fire service and ambulances); essential services (medical and funeral services) and vehicles for transporting people with diagnosed illnesses that affect their ability to use public transport. Even though these vehicles have permission to circulate, they must be registered before they do so.

Moratorium for professional vehicles and people on low incomes

Professional vehicles (vans, lorries, coaches and buses) without a DGT environmental label are eligible for an extended exemption period due to the Covid-19 pandemic to allow them to adapt to cleaner energies. At present, heavy vehicles, lorries and small coaches are permitted to circulate until 31 December 2021, and buses and coaches until 30 June 2022. Vans have not been able to circulate since April 2021, when the moratorium on vehicles used for business purposes by those on low incomes came to end.

One-day permits

For cars, motorbikes and mopeds without a DGT environmental label: up to a maximum of ten days per year. Prior registration and application for authorisation is required.

Compulsory registration for all vehicles with a foreign number plate

If the vehicle complies with the requirements equivalent to the DGT environmental label, they can circulate without restrictions. If they do not, they must apply for daily permits for up to a maximum of ten working days per year.

Temporary authorisations

Vehicles with specific authorisation from Barcelona City Council which provide special services or are involved in extraordinary events on the public highway, special vehicles (see the Appendix), vehicles for carrying people diagnosed with illnesses who need regular medical treatment.

Temporary restrictions per NO2 episode

Once an episode of atmospheric NO 2 pollution is declared, and until it is de-activated, the most polluting vehicles will be banned from Barcelona’s ring-road low emissions zone and the granting of daily established permits halted, provided none has been applied for before the declaration of the episode.

Vehicle regristry