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Bodies involved

Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility Area has different instruments as well as advisory and participatory bodies for effective involvement and collaboration in municipal projects with the general public, groups and organizations, and both public and private entities.

Public Involvement

This section provides information on the processes for public involvement in the Area of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, not just the ones that enable participation in plans and projects but also those that are based on joint responsibility.

Citizen Council for Sustainability

The Citizen Council for Sustainability is a consultative and participation body for the city. It acts in the domains related to sustainability.

Air-Quality Committee

The Air-Quality Committee aims to work together with the sector's organisations and players on pollution problems in the city.

Noise and Health working group

The purpose of the 'Noise and Health in Barcelona' working group is to discuss noise in the city and its direct impact on the health of city residents, as well as contribute to solving the problems detected.

Network: For a More Sustainable Barcelona

The document was written in 2012 during a process in which the member organizations of the network signed the Public Commitment to Sustainability 2002 - 2012 - Agenda 21 for Barcelona. It is therefore a second generation document addressing outstanding issues and bringing out new challenges for the city. Since its origin, it has had broad support from different groups in the city.

International projects

Barcelona consolidates its leadership and its commitment to innovation in the field of smart cities participating in various international projects.

Mobility Pact

Ensuring Barcelona's continued progress towards a sustainable mobility model, with increasingly safe and comfortable public areas, requires commitment, shared responsibility and voluntary participation from every player capable of taking action in these fields.