Urban greenery and biodiversity

Quality of life also means a greener city, where everyone can enjoy contact with natural elements close to home.

Urban green spaces bring ecological values that are essential for a city, such as nature, biodiversity, complexity and connectivity, as well as social and cultural values such as health, well-being, beauty, landscape, culture and the encouragement of social relations.

Greenery and Biodiversity Plan for 2012-2020

This plan defines the challenges, goals and commitments of the municipal government in relation to the conservation of green and biological diversity of the city.

Tree Master Plan

The quantity and quality of trees, and their role as part of the city’s green infrastructure, are factors that have been growing in importance in our city in the last few decades.

Ethical pigeon control in Barcelona

Barcelona is the first major city to back contraceptive methods using nicarbazin, a substance which inhibits the reproductive capacity of pigeons.

Indoor Blocks Plan

The city council is urbanizing and rearranging indoor blocks to ensure public use as places of residence and movement, with a predominance of green and facilities.

Green-Infrastructure Impetus Plan

Barcelona intends to have an extra 1m² of greenery per resident by 2030. This is equivalent to 160 hectares of new green spaces.

Living Roofs and Green Covers

The city council promotes actions to activate roofs, decks and courtyards on existing and new buildings to draw from them most in terms of social, environmental and energy benefit.

New pet shelter

The CAACB is to be relocated to land owned by Barcelona City Council and within the municipal catchment of Montcada i Reixac.

Positive community life and pets

Barcelona is tasked with providing a positive community life for people, animals and the environment, and public collaboration is required for this type of common space.