Environment and public space

The city is made up by a series of systems that are constantly being transformed and improved, to adapt it to the needs of its in habitants.  Urban improvement plans ensure quality urban service provision as well as the regeneration of the urban fabric for the benefit of the people.

Plan for Play in Barcelona's Public Spaces

Barcelona City Council is boosting a new way of playgrounds in the public areas. The need comes from the idea of rethinking the spaces and opportunities which the city offers in terms of open and inclusive play.

Barcelona Air Quality Improvement Plan (2015-2018)

The PMQAB presents specific actions to improve the quality of the air we breathe in Barcelona, to move towards a more efficient company, with less emissions and better quality of life.

Comprehensive redevelopment of public spaces

The Public Plan for Improvement (PMI) of the public space in Barcelona foresees improvement in public roads with works in 65 streets and 13 parks in all districts.

Eliminating phytosanitary products that are damaging to health and to the environment

Phytosanitary products, including herbicides, are a cause for concern, given their potential impact on people’s health and the environment.

Sound Pollution Reduction Plan and Environmental data maps

The European Union established Directive 2002/49/EC, relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise, for the purposes of creating a common Community policy in the fight against noise.


Comprehensive Lighting Renovation Plan

This plan establishes the criteria for the improvement and renovation of public lighting in the city of Barcelona.