Network: For a More Sustainable Barcelona

Public Commitment for Sustainability 2012 - 2022: For a more equitable, prosperous and self-sufficient city is a document with strategic and inspiring value which will serve as a reference framework for all citizen organizations wishing to contribute to improve the sustainability of the city. The commitment establishes 10 major goals, each of them with 10 lines of action, on the horizon of 2022.

This document was drawn up during 2012 in a process involving all the organizations in the network signing the Public Commitment for Sustainability 2002 to 2012 - Agenda 21 of Barcelona. It is, therefore, a second generation document bringing out pending issued and challenges in the city and since birth it has had broad support from different groups.

Citizen organizations wishing to adhere to it are invited to sign a certificate which state that they assume their responsibility in building a more sustainable Barcelona, in accordance with to the goals and lines of action contained in the commitment. At the same time, they commit to work actively and make public specific actions. The purpose is to achieve the goals of the commitment thanks to the joint efforts of all the signatory organizations.

The network is made up of schools, associations, companies, universities, professional associations, guilds and unions, among others. The city council is also a member of the network and, as part of its commitment, it assumes to leadership of action for the organizations of the city. Through a technical secretariat, the signatory organizations have personalized advice and customer service, in addition to common elements of communication (website and newsletter), training sessions, networking and dissemination activities.


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