Energy and climate change

A sustainable city is a long-lasting one that has a future, because it will be assured the necessary resources and conditions for maintaining and improving the quality of its citizens’ lives.

Climate Plan

This plan intends to be an integrating vision of the measures to face climate change, which allows achieving the objectives of the new Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate, which has been signed by the Barcelona City Council. It has a time horizon of 2030, and includes short, medium and long-term strategic measures and objectives.

More Sustainable Barcelona Map

The More Sustainable Barcelona Map is an interactive virtual tool created collaboratively by citizens, companies, associations and the local authority. It shows initiatives and resources that help to improve the urban environment, build a fairer and more inclusive social structure and enrich the community and neighbourhood fabric.

Environmental clauses are to be included in every City Council contract

The City Council has prepared its first “Guidelines on social and environmental public procurement”, as a packet of measures for encouraging municipal public procurement under contracts with companies and professionals that contribute a business model based on social and environmental criteria.

Strategy for energy transition

Barcelona aims to make a decisive move towards energy sovereignty through the supply of 100% renewable energy, with zero emissions, making its access more democratic and reclaiming its management as a public service.

Fàbrica del sol

The Fàbrica del Sol is a municipal environment facility that integrates a series of services aimed at adults and families for renewable energies, urban ecology and sustainability.

Alternative water resources plan

This plan aims to move towards sustainable and rational water management focusing on water saving, optimization and substitution of alternative water resources.

Waste Prevention Plan

Barcelona works to establish specific strategies that promote a more efficient and rational use of resources, recycling and boost the prevention of waste generation.

Zero waste

The municipal waste prevention strategy and Barcelona Zero Waste are based on three priority elements: prevention referring to joint responsibility among citizens in waste management; prevention referring to reuse; and prevention referring to improved and better-quality selective waste collection.

Urban Resilience

Barcelona City Council is promoting a resilience model that works to build a city with more capacity for taking on the challenges of today and tomorrow, reducing vulnerabilities and proactively overcoming effects to ensure city residents’ quality of life.