Strategy for energy transition

Barcelona aims to make a decisive move towards energy sovereignty through the supply of 100% renewable energy, with zero emissions, making its access more democratic and reclaiming its management as a public service.

The city is therefore committed to reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency, self-consumption and responsible energy use by maximum local energy generation using own resources, whether renewable (such as the sun, wind or biomass) or residual, and ensuring basic supplies for everyone.

The plan for the transition to energy sovereignty proposes reducing municipal energy consumption by 10%, installing 25,000 new LED light points to reach 30% of Barcelona's lighting and increasing electricity generation by 10% with renewables throughout the city and equipped to supply clean electricity to 20,000 households. Another of the notable measures is the creation of a municipal operator.

The Full Municipal Council Meeting of 22 July 2016 held a debate on this plan which, funded with a budget of 130 million euros, includes the redevelopment of buildings to make them energetically sustainable among its priority measures.

Barcelona Energia website


Increasing the energy sovereignty of municipal and public spheres, through a thorough knowledge of the city and raised energy culture, with its own supply, reducing consumption and increasing self-production.


Reducing the impact of energy consumption and generation on the environment: greenhouse-effect gas emissions (climate change) and local pollution.


Ensuring basic supplies to citizens, eliminating cuts to supplies and allocating resources to reduce consumption while increasing self-consumption.


Boosting the economic fabric and employment through the redistribution of wealth, new public-citizen management models and promoting employment in an economic activity.


Increasing public and citizen leadership in the city's energy governance and positioning Barcelona as a benchmark city in energy policy.