Building redevelopment aid

Barcelona is committed to its citizens and the policies that foster, promote and champion a city model where people can lead a decent life under a fair, efficient and sustainable framework.

It is in this context that the City Council is opting for renovation as a tool for tackling social inequalities and improving quality of life.  It is also promoting the development of energy-transition policies that enable the city to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and cut down on greenhouse-effect gas emissions and atmosphere-polluting emissions. It also aims to foster the sector's local economic activities linked to renovation and to ensure the quality and safety of its architectural heritage.

It is in this context that the City Council has designed a strategy for urban redevelopment based on three cornerstones: the social, the environmental and the economic.

The measures provided for which will be deployed under the framework of the renovation strategy for 2016-2019 will be very large in scope and affect several areas. Action will be taken on residential buildings, flats, municipal buildings and urban complexes/public space.

2017 Call for housing-renovation grant and subsidy applications

Grants and subsidies for ensuring habitability and accessibility

We’ll help you to develop your renewable-energy project

Subsidies of up to 60%

of the cost of voluntary installation of photovoltaic panels (for producing electricity) and solar thermal panels (for producing sanitary hot water)