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  • The City Works

    The City Works

    The municipal services ensure the smooth functioning of facilities, equipments, services and the quality of the public space for the benefit of all citizens and their quality of life.

  • The City Changes

    The City Changes

    The city is subject to constant transformation. Renovation, restoration and maintenance of public spaces and infrastructure, services and buildings are a sign of constant adaptation to the changing needs of a city and its citizens.

  • Transport Modes

    Transport Modes

    En la ciudad y el espacio público conviven los diferentes medios de transporte que facilitan la movilidad de las personas y las mercancías, tejiendo una red compleja y diversa de desplazamientos.

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Highlight topics

Pest control and treatment of diseases

You can have a look at the specific treatments for controling pests and diseases which affect the vegetation of the city on the following link. It is within the framework of integrated pest management.

Informació Urbanística

Planning information includes actions relating to the knowledge of the terms for building, use classes or potential endorsements to general systems.


Barcelona promotes the transformation of Plaça de les Glòries to convert the existing road junction into a city space for people, faithful to the original idea of Ildefons Cerdà urban site 150 years ago.

Suspensió de Llicències d'Allotjaments Turístics

The Specific Plan for the Protection and Support of Emblematic Sites was approved in February 2014. It establishes measures and actions to contribute to their protection and conservation.


The City Council promotes the experimental urban units programme in several neighbourhoods, which is expected to be spread throughout the whole city. The 5 experimental areas are located in Poblenouplaça de les Glòries, both all and new Esquerra de l’EixampleSants i Hostafrancs, and Maternitat i Sant Ramon.

Programas de Educación Ambiental

Los programas municipales de Educación Ambiental ofrecen actividades para el conocimiento y la difusión de los recursos naturales disponibles y su gestión, así como la transformación urbana y la inovación comprometidas en conseguir un entorno de calidad.

Air Quality Website

Local website on Air Quality. It includes, among others, the current regulation, local strategy for air quality improvement, informative texts or air quality forecast in Barcelona.

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