Tramway connection project

The Overground Tramway along Avinguda Diagonal with reserved platform is the most positively valued option in regard to the three proposed alternatives, which were all analysed under the same methodology. 

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Extending the tram system, a chance for a calmer and healthier Diagonal

15/03/2018 - 18:35h

Urban planning. The urban remodelling of the avenue between Glòries and Verdaguer would almost double pedestrian space by creating an extra 13,000 square metres, as well as boosting the bike lane network and green spaces.

Collaboration protocol with ATM to connect the tram system

12/03/2018 - 20:21h

Mobility. The full council meeting on 23 March will vote on the proposal to start connecting the tram systems along a first section between Glòries and Verdaguer.

Seven minutes from Verdaguer to Glòries by tram

08/02/2018 - 14:12h

Public transport. The proposal to extend the Trambesòs system as far as Verdaguer during the current term of office would mean a 1.8 km section leading to a 58% increase in passengers.

A connected tram system means more resources for public transport

18/01/2018 - 18:16h

Public transport. Calculations point to a profit of 64 million euros, thanks to a 107% increase in users, more than doubling the current volume.

Why connect the tramway network?

Benefits of connecting the tramways


Several aspects of the tramway's connection process

Conferència Tramvia Ciutat - Samuel Swartz
The international “Tram City” conference, held in Barcelona, allowed local experts and others from around the world to analyse the potential and future of the tram.
Senyalització semafòrica
You can consult an initial analysis of the various tramway connection alternatives and their impact based on preliminary studies, as well as a technical micro-simulation study of the circulation on the flow of the other public transport and private vehicles once the tramway has been connected.
Ciutadà intervé en una sessió participativa
To find out the views of city residents on this project, an active listening process has been set up to support the development of the project to connect the tramway networks.
Tramvies aturats en una parada
The current tramway network has a total of six lines, 41 vehicles, 56 stops and covers 29.22 km, and it enables more than 26 million users to get around.

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