First stage of the plan to connect Barcelona’s tram systems

Barcelona City Council has now finalised the procedures to start connecting the tram systems, with work to get under way during the week of 7 March 2022.

The project envisages the installation of all the systems necessary for the operation of the tram, and the changes to be made in Av. Diagonal and in the part of the Parc de les Glòries that is nearest to the sea. The project involves reorganising the current use of these spaces and a reduction in private motorised traffic, increasing and improving pedestrian space, space for bicycles, and green areas.


The tram and the changes in Av. Diagonal

Work on the tramway will enable changes to be made in Av. Diagonal that will provide more space for pedestrians, and for sustainable forms of mobility. The new layout for Av. Diagonal will be as follows:

Between Passeig de Sant Joan and Carrer de Lepant: the tram platform will be installed on the central section, a four-metre two-way bicycle lane will be constructed, and the width of the side pavements will be widened from 3 to 7.5 metres. Private motorised traffic will be reduced to two lanes in each direction, which will be at the sides of the avenue.

Between Carrer de Lepant and Carrer Castillejos: the central boulevard will remain, with the green verges at the sides widened; the road surface on the side nearest the mountains will have a tram lane, a service lane and a bike lane, and the road surface on the side nearest the sea will have a tram lane plus another lane for private vehicles. The pavements will be widened from 3 to 7.5 metres.


The new Parc de les Glòries

The urban renewal of the side nearest the sea in the future Parc de les Glòries includes the section between Carrer de Cartagena and Carrer de Badajoz, and will involve the construction of the new transport interchange for tram lines T4, T5 and T6, several urban and interurban bus lines, and the interchange with the Glòries metro station on line 1. The park will gain three biodiversity nodes that will facilitate the mobility of the species that make up the Glòries ecosystem, and also an area of gardens around the entrances to the Glòries metro station (L1).