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Barcelona Air Quality Condition (EQAB)

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Low-Emissions Zone

Check your vehicle's environmental label

Enter your licence plate number to find your vehicle's polluting potential, under the DGT classification, and municipal restrictions in the measures against environmental pollution.
If you have lost your environmental label, go to or call 060



Compliance with WHO pollution levels would prevent at least 250 deaths a year in the city

Health. Traffic restrictions come into effect on 1 December and will be applied to vehicles which pollute the most when nitrogen oxide pollution episodes are declared.

Warning on the prevention of air pollution

Air pollution.. The Generalitat de Catalunya today, 21th November 2017, issued a preventative warning on air pollution across Catalonia, even though the forecast is for an improvement in air quality in the Barcelona area.

Information on the Barcelona low emission zone

Air Quality. The low emissions zone will be put into effect on December 1.

Travelling air quality information points and the new Low Emission Zone

Between 23 and 27 October, the points will visit the Hostafrancs, Sants, Dreta de l'Eixample, Fort Pienc and Sagrada Família neighbourhoods. Gradually, before the end of the year, they will visit the city's other districts.

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