Oficina 22@


Towards a Poblenou with a more productive, more inclusive and more sustainable 22@

After twenty years of development, we want to give 22@ a definitive boost with an urban renewal project which maintains the area’s dynamism and economic potential. The proposal is a clear bid to generate a diverse city fabric, with environmental quality, to improve daily life and boost manufacturing activities.

It is the result of various years of work, with social and economic stakeholders and local people all involved. The areas of work and the goals are based on the agreement for a Poblenou with a more inclusive and sustainable 22@.

The 22@ Office is an open and accessible support point for individuals and businesses, helping people become familiar with the urban renewal process and providing support for economic development in the area.


  • Better management and governance
  • More streamlined urban development and more environmental quality
  • Promotion of the area’s manufacturing, creative and innovative economic potential
  • Renewed attention to Poblenou’s identity, culture and heritage
  • Promotion of unique projects that consolidate innovative and creative initiatives