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Waste management

Recollida de contenidors

Waste management in Barcelona has as priorities the reduction of waste generation, the reuse of products and the efficient recycling of waste.

For this purpose, Barcelona has a daily municipal household waste collection service. This includes street containers for selective collection (Paper and Cardboard, Glass, Packaging, Organic, Refuse), automated vacuum collection hatches on the street, a door-to-door collection service and a large network of Green Points in every district of the city where people can take the waste that cannot be put in street waste containers or hatches.

In addition, Barcelona has a number of special waste collection services, including furniture and junk, collection of dead animals, sacks of rubble, garden waste or fibre cement and asbestos.  

A wide-ranging waste collection system to ensure the selective collection of the waste produced by the close to 1.6 million inhabitants of a city that produces around 1.35 kilos of waste per inhabitant per day [data from 2019].


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