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Waste management and cleaning services


Cleaning services of Barcelona are focused on ongoing maintenance and respect for the environment.

Cleaning services are planned considering the uses and needs of each area so we can always all enjoy a clean city. Cleaning tasks are suited to each situation, which is determined by factors such as movement of people and vehicles, commercial and cultural activity, or depending if it is a leisure or recreational area.

Sustainability is another important aspect in the cleaning services. Vehicles work with environmentally friendly energy and use non-potable water for cleaning the streets.

On March 2013 Barcelona launched the second part of the Improvement Plan for Streets Celaning, which focuses on four areas concerning cleaning services: "We fully clean the neighborhood on Saturdays", promoting cleaning feaces anc cleaning shops blinds. This plan doesn't mean an exrtra cost for the local cleaning services of the city.

Previously, local cleaning services started following the first Improvement Plan for Streets Cleaning on January 2012 without any extra cost. It analysed the two first years of cleaning services in Barcelona (November 2010), which focused on four aspects: increasing water to clean the busiest streets, increasing frequency in streets and squares with the highest number of incidents, placing new and bigger bins and modifying the paper collection shedule to adapt it to shopping hours.

The Improvement Plan for Streets Cleaning is aimed at updating and reorganising the cleaning service in order to improve the cleaning results within the city. It pays special attention on the most used city areas by citizens.