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What we do and why

The City Council seeks to ensure a quality public space, a green and biodiverse city that is productive and resilient, a city committed to active and sustainable mobility with public involvement and commitment.

Environment and public space

The city is made up by a series of systems that are constantly being transformed and improved, to adapt it to the needs of its in habitants.  Urban improvement plans ensure quality urban service provision as well as the regeneration of the urban fabric for the benefit of the people.

Urban greenery and biodiversity

Quality of life also means a greener city, where everyone can enjoy contact with natural elements close to home. The City Council looks after nature and greenery in the city which, besides their ecological value, offer us valuable services as spaces for positive community interaction, health and wellbeing.

Urban planning for neighbourhoods

The constructed city has become a large metropolitan area with the same needs for territorial cohesion and environmental sustainability as Europe's major cities.

Sustainable mobility

Quality of life also means reclaiming streets for the people. A traffic-calmed and connected Barcelona that promotes sustainable and accessible mobility that is safe and friendly for pedestrians and cyclists, capable of reaching everywhere through an efficient and clean public transport service within everyone’s reach.

Energy and climate change

A sustainable city is a long-lasting one that has a future, because it will be assured the necessary resources and conditions for maintaining and improving the quality of its citizens’ lives.

Citizens' commitment

Barcelona City Council promotes initiatives and spaces for social involvement in the city's transformation and evolution. For an open and welcoming city that gives voice to the diversity of the communities living in it.